[pct-l] Thank You All!

Meridith Rosendahl mrosendahl at digitalpath.net
Sat Aug 23 11:13:32 CDT 2008

>>I am the previous record holder and therefore make the rules. <<

You may have hiked faster, but that's not important to every hiker out 
there.  Other hikers hiked
for other reasons and who is to say their hikes are diminished in any way,
certainly not me, a true "cyber hiker."  I commend you for accomplishing 
your goal, but I think your attitude toward your fellow hikers needs 

Piper's Mom
who's real name is Meridith Rosendahl, who's daughter, Piper is really Diane
Soini, who hiked 1500 miles of the PCT on the most painful feet you can
imagine and who will forever be changed by her love of the trail, the hike,
and the wonderful people she met along the way.

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