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My favorite is Pita Bread...a little bulkier than tortillas...but way better tasting...and they pack well in a bear can.

Make some instant hummus and you're set..


On another note, my new tent from Six Moons just arrived. The 'refuge'...Cannot wait to give it a go this summer...I am looking forward to the increased interior space over my ultra Lightyear.
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  my guess is that english muffins, bagels, and tortillas are all about the same weight wise, in terms of calories per ounce.  They all have little moisture and that's what you want, food with most of the water removed.  Go with what you like, what tastes good to you on the trail.  And don't forget the butter, or olive oil, or nut butter.  Fats are where you pack the most calories per ounce.


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    English Muffins, they go great with dehydrated Eggs Benedict!  Personally, I think tortillas suck and I stopped packing them at Mt. Laguna and switch to Bagels for bread source.  Sure, a bit heavier, but I'm no gram weenie so I really didn't care.  Can's say I have taken the english muffins on the trail though.

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      I know that tortillas are good for the trail, but I was thinking of using English Muffins for a trail bread too.  Wheeeee....eeeew mentioned this to me the other day.  Has anyone had any experience with English Muffins on the trail?

      Switchback the Baker


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