[pct-l] Another Hiker Trick - Cold Nose

G. Lowe aka Wheeew gailpl2003 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 2 11:06:10 CST 2008


THANK YOU for tricking SB into covering up that mug!!!!!

Hiker97 at aol.com wrote:      Warner Springs Monty writes: Hey Switchback!!  I'm sure  you know this one too for a cold face.  I  simply turn my balaclava around.  Holds a little warm breath around my nose  and comes off easy. I think I heard this one from  Yogi.
 Switchback replies: This is because my pal Yogi is tough and smart and I  am not.  Actually, I find if something is completely over my nose, I do not  like it.  Too much carbon monoxide.  
 But this brings up a very good point.  What if you simply cut a  horizontal line about three inches long in the back of your balaclava.  Now  when you turn it around you have a nose hole for breathing easily.  Your  nose is still covered.  You could do the same for your eyes.  Hummmm,  why didn't I think of that before.  Of course, you could buy a balaclava  that has a face mask, but I find those too restricting.
 After looking at my face mask from BassPro Shops, mine is the same as in  the pictures at their website.  It weighs half an ounce, so I guess I will  keep it for the trail.  I like the flexibility using it.  Plus, it is  a great mask for Pirate attacks along the  trail.

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