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The only other recommendation I have is from Apache Peak to Black Rock Campground - DO NOT DO IT SOLO.  This will be your first experience on the PCT going North where you will experience a double whammy - exposed ice and snow and navigaiton issues.  Many have got lost and a few have died in this area.  This year we have a boatload of snow so the later the start and the bigger the crowd the better.  And like AsABat mentioned following footprints might NOT get you to where you want to go - saddle junction is a very popular place for snow travel.

AsABat <AsABat at 4Jeffrey.Net> wrote:
  If you are comfortable with conditions and navigation, still be aware of
when you are getting over your head and know when to turn around and bail

Generally south slopes would have less snow, but looking at the map you
can see that west of Castle Rocks the slow is very steep with gullies
cutting down it. Those gullies will hold snow. The north side is more
forested, but whether a tree will stop you gently or like a trainwreck...

I've done ridge walks many times - west from Baden Powell, in Section O
between Red Mountain and Grizzly Peak - and it saves a lot of snow
navigation problems. But as Mike said, Fuller Ridge is covered with
boulders, and as much as I like rocks that doesn't look like fun with a


On Wed, February 6, 2008 8:29 am, Mike Saenz wrote:
> When I did Fuller Ridge, I was post holing in up to 3'-0" of snow....
> And that was in MAY.
> RE: walking the crest- The crest between Castle Rocks and Fuller Remote
> is topped with large boulders (hence the name "Castle Rocks").
> Stay on the east side. I'm sure I was off trail for a bit, but the east
> side had an easy contour to post hole through.
> It was between Castle Rocks and Fuller Remote camp that I found
> "Pinhead's" ice axe, which I carried down to the water fountain where I
> caught up to him.
> is there a dry side to the ridge, where the snow conditions would be
> more favorable? is it possible just to follow the ridge crest where the
> steep / icy sections are? how thick is the forest up there? the thought
> has crossed my mind to just follow the ridge crest / parallel the trail
> if where the trail goes is out of the question. thanks again

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