[pct-l] PCT Atlas - Thru wallet alert

Postholer public at postholer.com
Wed Feb 6 17:09:43 CST 2008

Brian you have all the symtoms of pre-hike jitters, self treated by 
overkill.....and it makes me jealous! :)

You will be shocked at the total no-brainer of navigating the PCT. The usual 
culprit for going the wrong direction is simply not paying attention. No 
amount of planning, maps, guides will offset that occasional blunder. When 
that does happen, and it will very infrequently, it's typically a non issue 
getting back on trail.

It truly pains me to see hikers treated as "thru-wallets". You have folks 
looking to help the community and those who pimp the trail as a source of 
income. What do you think the Saufley's or Anderson's or Dinsmore's or 
volunteer trail crews get for their efforts? Nada.

The groupies will say that Yogi makes no money off her 'book', yet the price 
has doubled. It's about the money, make no mistake. WWDD? (What Would Donna 

The PCT Atlas has fewer data points because of the monumental chore of 
collecting these points by one person. The author may say it's a preference, 
but I suspect it's a justification in the absence of the ability to collect 
that enormous amount of data by one person.

Both Eric and Yogi's book are the efforts of one person. The guidebooks are 
the efforts of many. Yogi is legendary for her slandering of the guidebooks. 
Can we look for Eric and Yogi to merge their work? Is this in the works yet? 
You could call it the guidebook killer!

The guidebooks and the databook are all you'll need. Anything else is just 
icing on the cake.


I do plan to take all the usual suspects (Yogi, PCT guides, Data book).  I 
reckon that from each resupply point I might be carrying something like 2 oz 
worth of paper and associated ziplocks with these, .....
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