[pct-l] PCT Atlas - Clarification Please

Brian Lewis brianle at nwlink.com
Wed Feb 6 18:46:08 CST 2008

"one thing i just noticed about the pct atlas, or at least the sample pages
that erik has posted, the mileages are quite different from the data book
and guide books. one need only look at the total distance from the border to
warner springs. the data and guide books say it's 110 miles. erik says it's
78 miles. that's not a margin of error i'm comfortable with."

Where does he say that the 78 miles is to Warner Springs?  The demo he
offers only goes to Scissors Crossing.  It might be that the header text
talks about it being all of section A but it's a more limited demo. In a
limited number of spot checks I found his mileages to be within a mile of
the data book where I looked.

I was actually --- tentatively --- comforted by the fact that his mileages
are NOT identical to the Wilderness Press data.  It implies an independent
(and hopefully accurate) process for measuring the distances.

	Brian Lewis

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