[pct-l] Etna Summit area snow surveys

Deems losthiker at sisqtel.net
Wed Feb 6 19:35:46 CST 2008

Working for the Klamath usfs gives me a bit of privileged access to 
information. The snow surveys were conducted this week into the Scott River 
watershed along cirques near the PCT. I talked with one of the survey 
takers, an incredible athlete, and he was in a rare exhaustive state the 
morning after snowshoeing in and taking the data from the Middle Boulder 
Lake snow course transect. I've never heard Phil say his legs are 
smoked...Simply stated, as of Feb 1 we are running at nearly 200% snow depth 
and 150% of water content for Feb 1 (50 yr data).  The snow may increase by 
April 1, the true gauge of local summer snow conditions. At Middle Boulder 
lake there's 84",  over near Etna Summit in the Swampy John transect 126", 
and Scott Mountain had 77". These levels are approaching record snow levels 
for this area at this time.  Also, Grey Rocks Lakes above Castle Crags is 
showing 122". The data is still being taken and coming online, and if you 
know where to look, this link will give you the info on current measured 
snow depths near the PCT for California. Snotel info is not always as 
accurate as the field measurements taken by the snow surveyors.   This info 
isn't surprising living here, this is going to be a big snow year in 
Northern California, Oregon, and Washington along the PCT.

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