[pct-l] Etna Summit area snow surveys

Postholer public at postholer.com
Wed Feb 6 22:00:11 CST 2008

Yes, we know where to look. For the rest of us unprivlideged folks is 
www.postholer.com/pct. Click on the 'Elevation' column link for Middle 
Boulder Lake or Mumbo Basin. If you click on the guidebook section column 
you'll get an interactive google topo map of the sensor with trail trace.

The Middle Boulder Lake sensor near the PCT is showing 169% of average for 
Feb 1st (water content), compared to the 150% hand measurement. Senosr 
location/hand measurements 100 feet in any direction could cause different 
results. The sensor and hand measurements are 'ball-park'.

The snow depth sensor is showing 100.6 inches for Feb 1st.


and if you know where to look, this link will give you the info on current 
measured snow depths near the PCT for California. Snotel info is not always 
as accurate as the field measurements taken by the snow surveyors.

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