Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Feb 8 19:13:24 CST 2008

I have been following the thread about corporate America and money greed 
with great amusement and sadly came to the following 
conclusion......MORONS....I  AM  SURROUNDED  BY  MORONS.

Some guys on this list are fruitier than fruit cakes.....nuttier than 
the nuttiest corn nuts.......probably the result of to many nights at 
high elevation resulting in oxygen deprivation, which in turn causes 
brain cells to die, which in turn gives rise to a  condition known in 
medical circles as  ''MORONIC  DISORDER''....very frequently
associated with long distance hiking......can be fatal if left 
untreated.......seek medical help immediately.
Wheeew (Gail) is a nurse and may be familiar with this disorder and 
might be able to offer advice.

What is all this nonsense about Yogi making money on her book and the 
evils of corporate America?
It costs money to publish books, so you need to sell them to justify 
publishing them.
What do you guys do for a living?
Do you guys get paid or do you guys work for free?
Or maybe you guys don't earn a living and just live in the wilderness 
gathering nuts and berries for a living.
But wait a minute, where did the money come from for those fancy boots 
you are wearing, or the UL pack, the sleeping bag, tent etc.?....all 
products of corporate America or global corporations or businesses.
BTW.....where did the money come from for the computer (another 
corporate product) that allows you to communicate with the list?

Some folks like to bash the evils of money and corporate America, yet 
eagerly embrace it.
Seems to me, if you want to do away with the evils of money and 
corporate America and their environmental impact, you may have to go 
back to the caveman  style of living, before tools and fire.....then you 
will be in tune with mother nature and hopefully not impact the environment.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not willing to go back to that kind 
of life style.
Hey, I like my beer, my Ford Truck, my cozy home, my UL pack, and oh 
yes, I like my computer that allows me to keep in touch with you guys 
even though you guys some times make my hair fall out.

BTW.....all the above are corporate products purchased with hard earned 

Do you guys get my point?........Ooohhh what's the use.......I'm 
knocking on dead wood.

I'm going back to watching the  humming bird  outside my window.....less 

JMT Reinhold
The ''Say NO to cave man life style'' crusader.

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