[pct-l] Bulk Granola on the trail?

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Wed Feb 13 23:59:59 CST 2008

Our local health food store here in little Crescent City, CA,  has several 
varieties of granola. I don't recall if any of our local supermarkets have 
either bulk or packaged granola. Perhaps others in trail towns can fill in 
some info.  So I guess that a health food store in a decent size town 
(10,0000 or so) should have it.


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Eric Payne wrote:
> Is there anywhere on the trail where I can find granola in bulk?  I know 
> a Whole Foods would fit the bill, but I'm not when I'd find one of those 
> unless I went into L.A., and I don't want to do that.  In Ashland I'm 
> sure I could find loads of cheap granola, but anywhere else?  I'd like 
> to have granola for at least half of my breakfasts, but refuse to drop 
> the immense amount of money needed to get Bear Naked granola at each 
> town stop.  Of course I could buy loads of it here in GA and have it 
> shipped across the country, but thats both more inconvenient for my 
> maildrop person, and more expensive.
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