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G. Lowe aka Wheeew gailpl2003 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 14 05:33:10 CST 2008

Decompression is used to allow NITROGEN in the blood time to diffuse properly, not OXYGEN.  This is done to prevent the "bends".  Unfortunately, SBTTP is bent and can't be fixed.

Good thought though.


Reinhold Metzger <reinholdmetzger at cox.net> wrote: Wheeew,
So true, ''I left my heart in San Francisco'' but like you said I may 
have left or lost my brain on Mt. Whitney.
Yes, more PCT hikers appear to be afflicted with this dreadful  MHD  
than AT hikers, especially the PCT thru-hikers.

Switchback seems to have it the worst.....he got much worth after his 
Mt. Humphrey expedition.
He rambles on and on on the list, he plunders and sacks innocent hikers 
on the trail.
He considers that normal Trail  Pirate behavior, but you and I,  we 
know  it is  advanced  MHD,.....he needs treatment really bad.

Wheeew, you are really up to date on  MHD  and I would like your opinion 
on this.......divers need to decompress when they surface....can't we 
just stick Switchback in a compression chamber and re compress that 
missing oxygen back into his brain?.....would that make him normal again?

JMT Reinhold
The mildly inflicted one


G. Lowe aka Wheeew wrote:
> Reinhold,
> I would like to make one correction to your summation.  While it is 
> true, and painfully obvious that both you and SBTTP are victims of 
> this horrible affliction, not all thru hikers are affected.  You see, 
> the Appalachian Trail does not reach high enough altitude to cause 
> anoxic encephalopathy, therefore, I and other AT thru hikers have been 
> spared.  The same cannot be said of PCT thrus, however.  Someone ought 
> to come up with a new song, paroding "I Left My Heart in San 
> Francisco", etc., to convey the thought, "I left my brain on Mt. 
> Whitney" or something to that effect.  I'll work on it.
> In the meantime, I look forward to joining your ranks this year.
> Wheeew
> PS.  How's the knee recovery coming???
> */Reinhold Metzger /* wrote:
>     Switchback & Wheeew,
>     After reading your response and Wheeew's detailed research report
>     I have
>     come to the sad conclusion that Moronic Hiking Disorder ''MHD'' is
>     far
>     more wide spread then I originally anticipated and I suspect that
>     many
>     of our list members, especially Thru-Hikers, also suffer from this
>     dreadful disorder. The sad part is that the afflicted party is not
>     aware
>     of this, but his loved ones and fellow list members are, and
>     suffer as a
>     result.
>     Switchback, I always suspected you had it and I suspect that I
>     also may
>     have gotten a small dose of it, not as severe as yours of course,
>     when I
>     camped 5 nights on top of Mt. Whitney last year, waiting for you, but
>     you never showed up........It's all your fault Switchback.
>     I suspect Tortoise and AsABat may also suffer from this dreadful
>     disorder......care must be taken with these individuals so as not to
>     trigger a reaction.
>     It is truly sad, but that is the price we pay for prolonged stays at
>     high altitude, which is a part of long distance hiking.
>     Dr. Reinhold
>     The Reinhold Institute for Moronic Disorders
>     We give discounts to list members and treat thru-hikers at no charge.
>     ------------------------------------------------------------------
>     G. Lowe aka Wheeew wrote:
>     > Yes Reinhold,
>     >
>     > Thank you for inviting me in to this most interesting of topics. I
>     > spoke of this malady some time ago on the list. The term you're
>     > looking for is "anoxic encephalopathy"......lack of oxygen to the
>     > brain, resulting in brain cell death. This has many causes, but
>     being
>     > at high altitude without supplemental oxygen or proper
>     acclimation are
>     > prime causes. To date, no one has found an UL oxygen tank to
>     carry (<
>     > or = to 2.5 oz), so many of the gram weenies suffer most.
>     >
>     > This heartbreaking illness is often hardest on family members. It's
>     > symptoms resemble that of a person who has had a lobotomy. After
>     > paying the ultimate price for "summit fever", the sufferer of
>     MHD must
>     > return home to be cared for by aging parents. The endless drooling,
>     > seizures, and incontinence are a severe burden on the family's
>     > physical, emotional and financial resources.
>     >
>     > Strangely, a new treatment is now giving hope. The medical
>     profession
>     > cannot explain how or why it works, but there appears to be an
>     almost
>     > "exorcist" quality to the treatment. In short, if one were to put a
>     > copy of Yogi's handbook on the bare skin of the patient, a sort of
>     > sizzling starts taking place. Furthermore, if the patient's eyes
>     are
>     > forced to actually view the book, multiple, long-lasting
>     seizures take
>     > hold, the patient levitates off the bed and the head begins to spin
>     > around on it's axis, all the while spewing vomitus. Some say (SB)
>     > that this is a voodoo plot, or commie plot, by the author to "sell
>     > more books". This cannot be substantiated by the the scientific
>     > community. And until something better comes along, the medical
>     > professionals are willing to pay ANYTHING.....even DOUBLE the
>     cost of
>     > the book, just to offer hope to the patient and family. Successful
>     > treatment is assumed when the patient can again feed himself,
>     tie his
>     > own boots, and forego the Depends.
>     >
>     > Make no mistake, there is no cure for MHD, and any further
>     exposure to
>     > low oxygen levels to the brain, (even after successful treatment),
>     > will most likely result in irreversible damage.......say for
>     instance
>     > if one were to put a pillow over the hiker's......I mean patient's
>     > face and hold it there for extended periods. As great as this
>     > temptation may be, it is not recommended.
>     >
>     > I hope this explanation helps in some small way. Please use
>     PayPal to
>     > compensate me for my time and knowledge. In this way you can help
>     > finance my hike and we can both help keep corporate America
>     alive and
>     > well.
>     >
>     > Your resident Flo Nightingale............
>     >
>     > Wheeew
>     >
>     > p.s. Just to clarify, hikers without MHD are at NO RISK for injury
>     > due to buying &/or reading Yogi's books.
>     >
>     > */Reinhold Metzger /* wrote:
>     >
>     > I have been following the thread about corporate America and money
>     > greed
>     > with great amusement and sadly came to the following
>     > conclusion......MORONS....I AM SURROUNDED BY MORONS.
>     >
>     > Some guys on this list are fruitier than fruit cakes.....nuttier
>     than
>     > the nuttiest corn nuts.......probably the result of to many
>     nights at
>     > high elevation resulting in oxygen deprivation, which in turn causes
>     > brain cells to die, which in turn gives rise to a condition known in
>     > medical circles as ''MORONIC DISORDER''....very frequently
>     > associated with long distance hiking......can be fatal if left
>     > untreated.......seek medical help immediately.
>     > Wheeew (Gail) is a nurse and may be familiar with this disorder and
>     > might be able to offer advice.
>     >
>     > What is all this nonsense about Yogi making money on her book
>     and the
>     > evils of corporate America?
>     > It costs money to publish books, so you need to sell them to justify
>     > publishing them.
>     > What do you guys do for a living?
>     > Do you guys get paid or do you guys work for free?
>     > Or maybe you guys don't earn a living and just live in the
>     wilderness
>     > gathering nuts and berries for a living.
>     > But wait a minute, where did the money come from for those fancy
>     > boots
>     > you are wearing, or the UL pack, the sleeping bag, tent etc.?....all
>     > products of corporate America or global corporations or businesses.
>     > BTW.....where did the money come from for the computer (another
>     > corporate product) that allows you to communicate with the list?
>     >
>     > Some folks like to bash the evils of money and corporate
>     America, yet
>     > eagerly embrace it.
>     > Seems to me, if you want to do away with the evils of money and
>     > corporate America and their environmental impact, you may have to go
>     > back to the caveman style of living, before tools and
>     > fire.....then you
>     > will be in tune with mother nature and hopefully not impact the
>     > environment.
>     >
>     > I don't know about you guys, but I'm not willing to go back to
>     > that kind
>     > of life style.
>     > Hey, I like my beer, my Ford Truck, my cozy home, my UL pack, and oh
>     > yes, I like my computer that allows me to keep in touch with you
>     guys
>     > even though you guys some times make my hair fall out.
>     >
>     > BTW.....all the above are corporate products purchased with hard
>     > earned
>     > money.
>     >
>     > Do you guys get my point?........Ooohhh what's the use.......I'm
>     > knocking on dead wood.
>     >
>     > I'm going back to watching the humming bird outside my
>     > window.....less
>     > stressful.
>     >
>     > JMT Reinhold
>     > Dr. of moronic disorders
> -Wheeew-
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