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You might look at this url. somewhat AT specific but mostly
generic. People and trails don't change much over time.
Believe the author is a triple crowner.



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  Hi everyone,

  First post intro - I'm obviously a hiker, and love to bp! My typical
trips are a week or two, longest was three, and I try to do a couple
of trips each year. I'm planning on hiking the JMT, and the more I
read about that, the more interest I have in reading journals of PCT
thru-hikers, and that's what got me here!

  The idea of a long hike intrigues me, but that would be new for me.
so here's my question:

  For those married hikers that leave their non-hiking spouses behind
for a long thru-hike, how has that worked for you?

  Have you found any particular difficulties or issues come up?

  I am happily married, no kids, but have never left home / wife for
several months at a time. just wondering if any of you found that
difficult for you and/or your spouse, and if so, in what ways?


http://www.engel.org/ihwm (Courtesy of my friend Glenn Engel)

"I hike alone sometimes.Its during these Mike Aken
solo hikes that the number of arrogant N7OUJ
and ignorant people I have to deal
with is reduced to one".
Jack Hampson
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