[pct-l] Availability of fuel along the PCT

Will Hiltz will.hiltz at gmail.com
Fri Feb 15 11:17:54 CST 2008

Hi Senator-

Although I used a white-gas stove myself, I travelled almost exclusively
with folks using the soda-can stoves.  Everyone used the yellow HEET and it
seemed to work pretty well for them.  Its fairly easy to get a hold of,
although later in the season some places seem to run out.  I had a MUCH
harder time finding gas for my whisperlite than anyone using a soda can
stove.  Napa Auto parts stores abound in the mid-to-larger towns and they
should always have the heet you need.  One note- the red HEET should BE
AVOIDED-- its quite flammable.



On Fri, Feb 15, 2008 at 12:00 PM, Daniel Bailey <greenhiker at gmail.com>

> Hello all,
> I have a soda can stove from Anti Gravity Gear that I used the entire
> length of the AT.  It uses denatured alcohol.
> How available is denatured alcohol along the PCT?
> Is Heet a viable replacement?
> I believe that the YELLOW Heet bottle (methanol) is the fuel that I've
> heard others used in their various stoves.  Is this correct?
> I found this site with tons of information on the different types of
> fuel:  http://zenstoves.net/Stoves.htm
> Be well,
> Senator
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