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Sun Feb 17 18:56:29 CST 2008

Walking 20 miles a day and working 8 hours in boots is not a fair 

>From my experience getting hot spots during training is a very *good* thing. 
It's your feet telling you they are 'learning' and 'reacting'. During 
training you have the option to call it a day and let the body heal. You may 
not want to exercise that option during your hike.

I would definitely continue the training and make the switch, if you're 
using a lightweight setup. Make sure your shoes fit correctly with proper 
socks, such as thin liners (no cotton). Keep your feet dry. Assuming you 
don't have foot problems, your feet will naturally feel 'tired' as the miles 
rack up. I'm not talking about genuine foot pain.

As you said, do what works for you. If that means boots, then boots it is.


... have tried out a number of light weight trail runners but
all of them so far have caused foot pain, and hot spots.
Last summer I used a pair of vasque wasatch boots while
working on a trail crew on the Montana CDT. They were
excellent and I didn't get a single blister all summer, but
they weigh 3.5 pounds.
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