[pct-l] Western Mountaineering

William Vargas oneshirley at comcast.net
Sun Feb 17 19:24:43 CST 2008

I just bought a WM Ultralite 6' bag.  Marketed as 20 degrees, 1 pound
10 ounces.  It  replaces my 6'6" 15 degree 2 pound bag.  Saving 6
ounces and giving up only a slight amount of warmth looked good to me.

Thing is, the WM bag weighs one pound, 13.3 ounces. Less than half the
weight savings I expected.  This pisses me off.

So the moral is:  Don't trust; verify.
Sleep Walker writes:  I've used this bag in 20 degree situations and i  
don't think you are going to mind the additional 3.3 oz. of down.   
That said, try veryfing with another scale ie.: at the post office  WM  
is an expensive option, but well worth it.  Best
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