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Ken Powers kdpo at pacbell.net
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over several hikes we have used:
Garbage bags as pack covers - they tend to rip on tree branches
commercial pack cover - water soaked in between my back and the pack; wasn't 
effective for me
poncho - eventually things get wet under a poncho
trash compactor bags - seem to be the best thing we've tried.
XXL Ziplock bags - saw them. Thought the zipper might come open eventually.

We use ponchos over us and the backpack. It serves as a first line of 
defense. Our sleeping bags get stuffed into compactor bags first thing in 
the morning & come out at night. We also put our clothes in gallon ziplocks. 
These ziplocks get changed out every few weeks with new ones. Since we mail 
each days food  in a gallon ziplock we tend to have them around. The 
ziplocks also make good garbage bags.

Our bottom line is if you want to keep something dry put IT in a reliably 
dry bag. Packs eventually get soaked somewhere along the line.


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By the number of posts I've made tonight, you might well suspect that
I am going through the gear box, and you would be right.

I am considering several alternatives for pack protection:

  - XXL Ziplock bags as a pack liner
  - poncho
  - commercial pack cover
  - garbage bags
  - trash compactor bags

What has your experience been?

Jim Keener ( J J )

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