[pct-l] Tarp tent vs. traditional tent

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A Gossamer Gear Squall Classic weighs 1.5 pounds. By the time you get a tarp
that is large enough to provide the same protected area, not to mention the
mosquito netting for the entire thing, you'll find the Squall is actually
lighter than the tarp and a lot faster, easier, and more site forgiving to
set up than a tarp is. 
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This maybe the coffee or the lack of sleep talking, but here goes my

If you have a tent that is sub lbs and are looking to shave weight, I don't
think that a tarptent makes much sense (economically $/lbs). If you want to
shave the weight, I'd look into just a tarp. It's cheaper and lighter, and
if you know how to use it, will provide adequate protection. Just add a
little bit of mosquito netting and you've got a fine motel room in the

Thats my 1000 lira


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Dear other hikers:

       I am of the club that still uses a "traditional" tent. Mine is 2.8
pounds, but it keeps me warm, dry, bug free, and has all the extras one
expects a tent to have. My questions to those who have the tarp tents is, is
it worth the savings? I am asking because mine is easy to set up, and it has
always worked for me. However, I have never tried a tarp tent, and I was
wondering what the tradeoffs were, if any. 
       As it is, my pack well be in the 12-14 pound range. It's not as light
as some (8lbs holly crap!) but it could still be lighter, and as such the
tent question comes to mind. 
       The final part of my quarry comes in the form of construction. The
majority of the light tents I've seen require construction, and I am as good
as a builder as I am at speaking French (in case you were wondering, I don't
speak French). So, what are quality tarp tents I could buy? That being said,
thank you all for your input on this subject in advance.

Your happy go lucky hiking pal,
Good Times :)

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