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Hi Kathleen

Hopefully you will be well into Washington in September.
August was sometimes hot when i lived in Ashland Oregon, but the PCT would be cooler, but that's the time to do Oregon on a normal thru-hike.

I LOVE Oregon and may even move back (part time) some day.

The PCT is real safe all the way through Oregon compared to other places on the trail.
Unless he is in a habit of falling down, Oregon is a great choice.  It still has a few 10 second moments near drops, but nothing threatening to an average non-hiking person.

The flatest area is probably between Ollalie Lake and Timberline Lodge.  

I really love the Original PCT in Oregon and  The Sky Lakes Wilderness

I like to shift to Lake of the Woods and Hwy 140 a few miles east of the New PCT.
At mile 1769 hike or hitch up Dead Indian Road.  It's in the guidebook.
North at this point goes lower and near water, lots of lakes................... AND lots of shade....cooler
There's one big climb and one big decent I remember to cross over the New PCT.
Stuart Falls, on an alternate trail running along the PCT is one of my favorite places to Camp.
It rejoins the PCT 6 milews south of Crater Lake.  A VERY flat 6 miles.
Also check your guidebook for Cliff Lake page 96? 97? on a map.  Great Swimming lake and good camping.
There is one high and possibly hot area right before getting there (Devil's Peak) but it's nothing threatening.

Make that two cookies please

Warner Springs Monty

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