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Water isn't a problem between the Snow Creek fountain and up to Big
Bear. There are residences just below Snow Creek and across the I-10.
There's the Wind Farm and Whitewater. The trout farm isn't too far off
trail, but crossing the Whitewater can be tricky - not just because of
the water, but of all the deep channels it's cut through the sand and
rock. Mission Creek is usually flowing well in season and there's Fish
Creek just above Mission Creek Camp. Between Mission Creek Camp and the
Onyx, there are many small creeks around the trail, and you'll pass
several residences in the Baldwin Lake area (just before Big Bear).

What JJ may be asking more for is a resupply place.

Sorry JJ- No stores around the PCT/I-10. Closest is Cabazon, or- I know
of a small mini-mart type of place on the 111 just southeast of Snow
Creek (toward Palm Springs). I'm not sure, but the walk off trail to
this store MIGHT be less than going to Cabazon. Between Idyllwild and
Big Bear, there are no stores that I'm aware of conveniently close to
The Trail.

JJ- I'll send you an image of where the mini-mart is. I'm looking at a
Google map and it looks about the same distance from The Trail as
Cabazon (and Cabazon has MUCH more to offer...)

ALSO- There's a rest stop along the I-10 just east of The Trail, for
what it's worth. Lawn areas, picnic tables, restrooms, water... it's a
bit off trail too, though. You can see it from Snow Creek (or all the
way down The Trail from Fuller Ridge for that matter!). It's the highway
rest stop just east of the 111 turn-off.

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No, don't forget there's a water faucet at the bottom of the hill where
the trail hits the narrow paved road, just before Snow Creek Village.
The faucet is provided for hikers by the Desert Water Agency. It's about
3 or 4 miles before I-10.


> Thanks, AsABat. That's a long haul from Fuller Ridge trailhead camp to
> Whitewater!

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