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We passed the Mesa Wind Farm on a Sunday. The signs were up and the trail to 
the office was obvious. There was no one at the office. There were a few 
gallons of water left by the tanks, but they were nearly dry when we 
arrived. The water in the pond by the tanks was very green. Not sure I would 
filter from it unless we were desperate - we weren't.

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The Pink Motel was sold and closed a couple years ago. Sometimes there
might be a cooler in the area, but don't count on caches. Here's what I
know from last year:

B11  205.6  Snow Canyon Rd (faucet)Desert Water Agency  faucet running
well  B11  209.6  Cabazon (Tamarack Road, 4.5 mi W)  Town
C1  210.6  "Pink Motel" sold and not available to hikers anymore. They
will NOT be able to accept mail drops. Please do not disturb the
property owners.
C1  213.4  Mesa Wind Farm
Sign posted on trail indicating shade & water available and a friendly
"Stop by and say Hi". 100 yds E, then 80 yds N. No faucet. MAY be small
pond by tanks - can someone verify?. Office open M-F 6-2.

So, There's water on trail 5 miles before the old Pink Motel and last
year there was water 3 miles after it. After that, in season there
should be water in Whitewater River in 5 miles and certainly at the
crossing 10 miles from the wind farm.

The Whitewater Trout Farm was bought by the Wildlands Conservancy. There
was talk last year that they might develop a campsite for thruhikers,
and I think a couple hikers got water there last year, although it is
off trail a little bit.

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