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joel01 at ekit.com joel01 at ekit.com
Sat Feb 23 11:29:29 CST 2008

I left the handle on and had no problem. I did usually tape the 
handle down. The bucket and handle were all solid and intact by the 

However, not everywhere I wanted to mail to necessarily had a way to 
mail the bucket back out. As a result I had both usps boxes and my 
bucket moving up the country. It would have been nice to not use the 
bounce bucket but since I didn't have someone I could expect to mail 
things to me whenever I needed, I felt I had to use it for certain 
replacement items I couldn't readily get hold of otherwise.

Joel (aka Vlad the Impaler)

Quoting Linda Bakkar <lbakkar at hotmail.com>:

>Hi, all.  I am preparing my 5-gallon bounce bucket
>for my PCT thru-hike.
>For those of you who have used this kind of bounce
>system, is it okay to
>leave the handle on?  Have any of you taken off the
>metal handle and put a
>rope handle on instead?  (That is how I did it for a
>couple of canoe trips.)
>Lindy (Blue Butterfly)
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