[pct-l] Question for 2007 thru-hikers

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Mon Feb 25 09:31:45 CST 2008

Any input from 2007 thru-hikers that made it through Washington is appreciated.

I found out there are some updates to the PCT Oregon & Washington book published by Wilderness Press. In fact, I downloaded them from their web site - all 100+ pages of updates. These updates are for their 6th and new 7th editions of the book. But, my question is about a detour that is detailed in these updates. It is called the "Indian Pass to Miners Creek Detour" and the following paragraph from Wilderness Press introduces their description.

"In October 2003, a storm damaged 45 miles of the PCT in Washington State, from Indian Pass to Miners

Creek, making some sections in that stretch extremely difficult. Following is a description of the

51.7- mile detour, which requires a high degree of backcountry skill due to difficult navigation and deep

river fords."

The detour looks complicated. According to Wilderness Press, the detour was available to the 2007 thru-hikers. My question?is - did any of you take this detour or did you follow the original PCT?? Can you give me some input on this? As stated above, Wilderness Press labels the detour as requiring "a high degree of backcountry skill due to difficult navigation and deep river fords".

John - from Minnesota

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