[pct-l] Hiking with a small dog.....

Pat Wormington airecrew at netzero.net
Mon Feb 25 09:42:48 CST 2008

    I remember hiking the Feather River Canyon, north rim in the burn 
area July 4.  We had our Airedale Addie with us and were walking down 
into the canyon.  It was so hot it felt like we had opened the oven 
door.  It was a blast of hot air.  The trail was so hot my husband had 
to carry her.  At gound level the trail is many degrees hotter.  A 
little dog would die in those conditions.  I always carried rawhide dog 
boots and waterproof tape, when I sectioned hiked with our Hailey.  I 
was close to home then so could abort the hike easily if needed.  The 
dogs stay home and keep my husband company.


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