[pct-l] My bad post

Jordan2ynp at aol.com Jordan2ynp at aol.com
Mon Feb 25 13:13:29 CST 2008

Dear Everybody:

I want to say sorry for my previous gear post. It is one of those a person 
wishes they can take back. Upon posting it (with in 5 minutes), I realized just 
how closed minded and ridiculous sounding it was, moreover I am using my 
favorite line against me here, "that was bush league." So, if everybody could 
forget my gear post that would be great. 

As a reward I am adding to a previous thread with a new line: How do you know 
you've bee hiking too long?

1) Your kid gets confused when you say, "Good to be home," He looks as you 
and asks, "where's the tent?"
2) You try and cure a migraine by draining it with a sterilized nettle. 
3) Your next-door neighbors refer to your home as abandoned.
4) You add boiling water to every meal, forgetting not all food is 

Your pal,
Good Times

Ideas to please picky eaters. Watch video on AOL 
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