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Question for a member of the list that packs with animals if you don't mind, given your comments re: picking up after the dog.  Why is it that we talk about picking up after dogs, but not pack animals like horses, goats and llamas?  During my 2006 thru-hike, I was amazed to see that pack animals and recreational horses were not required to be outfitted with the drop bags.  This is a sh**ty subject, but one that I am curious about.


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> Much as I love dogs and wouldn't dream of leaving mine at home, there are 
> some dogs that don't belong out there, and some trails most dogs don't 
> belong on. 
> Take a really objective look at what your dog is like and don't make the 
> decision lightly. 
> If he isn't good with other people and other dogs, won't stay right by your 
> side immediately when told to, won't keep his mouth shut in camp, he doesn't 
> belong out on the the trail. 
> Also there's the conditioning issue. Most dogs are just not able to take the 
> kind of wear and tear on their feet even with boots that especially the 
> Clifornia sections demans. 
> So make sure your dog is exceptional abefore you put him thru all this. 
> There is a good trail dog list on yahoo. If you have dog specific questions. 
> OH, YEAH, clean up after your dog also.. 
> "Sweet Goat Mama" 
> Carolyn Eddy 
> www.goattracksmagazine.com 
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