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I echo what WSM says.   Really, larger shoes help.  After much trial and
error, to this day I wear my hiking shoes one size over normal even for just
"regular" hikes.   And I keep the laces loose.
 A couple more thoughts.
 I would add as well to keep socks dry.  A good habit is to keep an extra
pair of whatever you use hanging on the outside of your pack.  At each major
rest (every couple hours), take off the shoes and socks, let the feet air
out, and then rotate the ones off the pack to feet.   Moisture will
accelerate blisters.   If you find your feet cracking, you may be too dry -
adjust accordingly (less rotation for example).
Many hikers have problems between the toes.  Many hiking stores are now
selling hiking "toe socks".  I and others have found them very useful.
Keep a good size role of medical tape (inch wide stuff) in your bag.  Use it
early on any hot spots.  I had times where I had each toe wrapped
individually.  It looked like I was going into the boxing ring expecting
"feet - a - flyin".
Hope that information is useful.
Best Regards,
Flyin Feet Pink Gumby


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Hi Chris
To get blisters................................. here's a pretty sure way.
Don't hike now
Use shoes your normal size.  
To not get blisters
Hike lots starting last January especially going up had down steep hills.
Start form the Mexican Border with shoes Wider and Longer than your normal
size. I go 2 sizes bigger.
Pressure on the friction areas between the shoe and your foot (the hot
spots) cause most of your blisters.
Start from the border doing shorter days and build up later.  It's that last
three miles that causes most of the blister problems.
If doing what's listed above doesn't work for you, there's a book that might
The author is one of us here.
Warner Springs Monty
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