[pct-l] Gossamer Gear "The One"

Jim Ostdick palomino.pct at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 21:52:02 CST 2008

Len Glassner wrote:
"The plastic cap sounds like a great idea, could you say specifically
what you used?"

I used the rounded white plastic top from a generic 50-mL plastic bottle I
found in one of my gear boxes. I fit it on the end of my index finger like a
small thimble and pushed it up into the fabric peak above the grommet tab.
It is approximately the same size as a cap from a Ben's DEET bottle if that
helps...probably not a good idea to use a DEET-contaminated cap next to the
spinnaker fabric, though :-)

One of those little travel-sized shampoo bottle caps might be about right.
Or a chapstick top....

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