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Mon Feb 25 22:32:49 CST 2008

I was 45 when I hiked the PCT and went back to a very demanding job as a health care professional. I put PCT scenery photos on my screensaver and sometimes I was incredibly buoyed by the photos and remembering how lucky I was to have the experience.  Some days I was incredibly sad that I wasn't on the trail, especially when the sun was shining outside. I have recently changed my screensaver to photos of people I know and care about in the great outdoors, including many from the PCT. I find these always uplifting.

If you are the same after you hike the trail, what a waste of 4 months!  I am blissfully different.  I trust my body to do whatever I ask of it.  I know I can get a lot done on an empty stomach. I know pain is bearable. I know that there are good people everywhere you turn.  I know that everyone has a fascinating story. I know that nature heals.  I can transport myself back to incredible places I've seen and amuse myself with stories from the trail.  If I have insomnia, I can try and remember every campsite for each trail section and I re-walk the trail in my head. And I have a very unique relationship with my youngest son (my trail partner) and a very grateful relationship with my husband (Mission Control.)

One of the lucky ones,
Class of '05

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