[pct-l] Injinji Socks and Chaco Sandals - 2008 PCT thru hike Blisters

Hiker97 at aol.com Hiker97 at aol.com
Tue Feb 26 00:01:42 CST 2008

Lightning Rod writes: You thieving pirate –  stealing my recommendation.  But 
when you’re right, you’re  right! 
Switchback replies:  Once again the Trail Pirate has been maligned as a 
plunderer/sacker of gear  ideas.  I had used Chaco sandals years ago on the trail, 
but gave them up  because of the weight.  The new ones are supposed to be  20% 
lighter.  Also, I used the Injinji Tetratsok socks on my  Grand Canyon 
expedition last year, but with boots -- I used them again this year  too.  Ten years 
ago I was hiking in Keen sandals in the Sierras, but with  regular hiking 
socks -- even in heavy snow storms up in Lyle Canyon in Yosemite  --- no problem 
with water proof over socks.  I thank you and your humble  apologies accepted. 
 Though I must admit your post got me thinking about  the Chaco sandals 
again.  Heh, heh,  heh.

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