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My fiancé and I were ready to be finished by the end of our hike last year, but are now finding ourselves missing the fact that we're not gearing up for another hike this year (I'm very jealous of Monty's serial thru-hike lifestyle).  It's interesting that when we came back to "normal" life and started "real" jobs in November we were both certain that we wouldn't want to hike the entire PCT again.  Four months later and we're both certain we do want to do it again (at least once). We're planning to attend the Kick-Off this year just so we can soak up some of the atmosphere (living vicariously through the Class of 2008).


Hiking the PCT imposed significant financial and other sacrifices for us last year, but we're still certain it was absolutely one of the most rewarding things we've ever done.  It's certainly changed my attitude to both life and people, and for the better.




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Bravo!!  Well said!  Ditto...





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	>How do you readjust to your regular life again? 

	>Do you ever?


	Can't be done.  It's not the same life.



	>Did it change your life?

	I would never trade what I have now for what I had before, and what I had before was great.


	>Did it reaffirm you were on the right path to begin with or were you  
	prompted to make a big life change?

	Yes to both.


	>Did you come home and find yourself depressed within a few weeks or  
	were you glad it was over?


	No to both.


	The journey of hiking the Pacific Crest Trail is incredible.  

	But the greatest adventure is that of being a human being.

	That's where the change happens.



	Warner Springs Monty







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