[pct-l] Time for the Annual "Why I Boycott the ADZ" Message

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Tue Feb 26 19:12:46 CST 2008


as a major inducement to get L-rod and BuzzSaw there, why don't you bring 
your portable hot tub and your lavishly equipped motor home support vehicle 
for your hikes?  :-)


<> He who finishes last, wins! <>

hiker97 at aol.com wrote:
> ----------------------------------
> Switchback replies: I respect everyone's views about various 
> participation at hiker events.  As everyone knows, BuzzSaw and L-Rod are 
> my buddies, but I enjoy attending the April Kickoff and supporting it 
> (by the way it is the same with Scott over at PostHoler hosting my forum 
> there).
> As a major inducement to get them to attend this year's Kickoff, I am 
> offering them co-hosting duties at the Pirate's Lair table and seminar.  
> This is a rare honor and treat.  This includes goof off time with the 
> Trail Pirate and Stinky the Lair mascot skunk.  I thank you for your 
> attention and consideration in this matter.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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