[pct-l] Time for the Annual "Why I Boycott the ADZ" Message

Scott Herriott yetifan at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 20:05:16 CST 2008

<The organizers want their event, period. The few have
forced their will
all of us and we just have to deal with it>

Yes, for God's sake, I beg of you, Dear ADZ
organizers, stop the cajoling, the blackmail, the
threats, the camaraderie, the good times, the joy, the
fun.  Your insidious and diabolical plan of
manipulation is simply too much for the army of
zombies, robots and robotic zombies who will take to
the trail this year.  They obviously have no ability
to choose whether or not to  attend one of the
grandest events I and many others have come to
experience.  Have you no heart?  

Damn you!!!!!!


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