[pct-l] A potential member of the ADZ heard

AsABat AsABat at 4Jeffrey.Net
Wed Feb 27 12:14:43 CST 2008

> Anyway, not sure what my point is.  What should I do??  :)

Start a couple weeks early and go to ADZ from wherever you are on the
trail, then pick up where you left. Arrange a ride on the ADZ ride board
or on this PCT-L list. (Last year some had already hiked to Agua Dulce
and got a ride to ADZ and back.)

Or, go to ADZ, then hang in San Diego a couple weeks before starting.
San Diego has a few more things to do than, say, Mojave.

Or just skip ADZ. As it's been said, you don't HAVE to go. 

I recommend the class of 2009 kick off there hike at ADZ this year, then
find something to do for 11 or 12 months until they start walking north.


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