[pct-l] Avoiding the Herd - any problems hiking sobo from Big Bear end of April?

RICHARD OSTHEIMER rick.ostheimer at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 27 21:51:23 CST 2008

Wow!  Originally, I'd planned to start out nobo from Campo about April 3rd, but concerns about snow in the southern mountains and problems getting off trail for a Memorial Day weekend had me decided to start out sobo from Walker Pass.  This has the added advantage of there being four folks from AT06 who are also starting south about that time, so I might have some company.

The plan was to hike south perhaps as far as Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear and then hitch/take public transport to the Kickoff and start out northbound from Campo.  I don't think I really want to be hiking with about 100 or so folks and competing with scarce trail town resources.  

Anyone see any problems with continuing southbound after the Kickoff?  I'm pretty sure I can make the miles by mid-May.  It's just as easy, perhaps easier, to get from Campo to the airport at San Diego as it is to get to LAX from Big Bear or Arrowhead.  This way I'll pretty much avoid the herd and I'll get to meet most of the 08 thru's.

What do you think?


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