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Laura: I wouldn't be bold enough to tell you what to do -- plenty of others
here are happy to do that ;-)   -- but I do want to provide some data that
may correct a misperception and help you to make your decision. Where the
herd exists, it's dozens, not hundreds.
ADZPCTKO organizer Sam Merten made these observations in 2006:

"This is my estimate of hikers on the trail Sunday after the kick-off.
Sunday 15 to 19 left the border 40 to 45 hiker out from the kick-off - 15 to
20 were drop off in Mt.Luguna area 10 to 12 were drop at scissors 10 to 15
were drop off at Warner springs 10 to 15 drop way up the trail. I got these
numbers from hikes and the ride board at the kick-off."

That year we had 157 thru hikers registered to attend the KO, which is the
all-time high.

1977 Kelty Kid
ADZPCTKO webmaster, campsite coordinator, and unindicted co-conspirator
On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 9:46 AM, Laura Fox <laura.fox at yale.edu> wrote:

> ...I'd like to meet (and potentially hike with) other
> people (some other people ... not 100s of other people!).  I had been...
> Anyway, not sure what my point is.  What should I do??  :)
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