[pct-l] Footwear in the Sierra

Brent Davis brentadavis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 13:00:46 CST 2008

Hi everyone,

I'm an aspiring 2008 thru-hiker - I'd like to get some opinions on  
footwear through the snowbound Sierras.

I'll be using running shoes for the rest of the hike, but I've read  
Ray Jardine's recommendation to use light hiking boots in the Sierras  
- he says it's a safety issue, that running shoes aren't really  
adequate for kicking steps, etc.  I get the impression from Yogi's  
handbook, however, that most everyone just uses running shoes the  
whole way.

What are your experiences?  Do I need to think about getting some  
hiking boots for that segment through the snow?  What about a  
combination of running shoes and a traction device such as yaktrax (http://yaktrax.com/)?

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