[pct-l] I think the herd is . . . Two more cents (I had change left)

Bill Batchelor billbatch at cox.net
Thu Feb 28 21:48:18 CST 2008

I'd just like to add that last year when I left, I left around what would be
considered "prime starting time".  I did not go to ADZ, but ran into others
that did.  Once on my way I'd meet a dozen people in town.  On the trail
however, I was separated from others in solitude most of the time.   When I
did meet other hikers, they were beautiful, wonderful, kindred spirits; the
finest collection of souls I have ever known.   If that is the herd, then
MOOOOOOO - brand me.

I don't drink much, but tonight may be an exception.

Bill - Pink Gumby

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