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  Below is a news release about a very prevalent wild flower in Sections A-E that cause some real dermatoliogical discomfort.  Southern California FALL burns and WET winters will even make this plant more problematic  and prevelant.
  Looking like another GREAT year for wild flowers!
  News Release 
  California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection 

  Beware of the flowers 
  Riverside – As many of our local foothill areas continue the natural healing process from the fire scars of the last few years, Mother Nature is providing a few surprises in the process. One worth mentioning is in the colorful Poodle-dog bush, Turricula parryi. This beautiful purple flowered plant has populated many of the burned areas from the 2003 fires and will likewise do so within the areas burned in the fires of 2007. Touching this beautiful flowering plant can lead to severe dermatitis in many people, typical of that associated with poison oak. Symptoms include blistering of the skin, itchy irritated skin and swelling. Symptoms may not present themselves for 12-36 hours after exposure and no pain is experienced at the time of contact. All contact with the plant including touching, smelling flowers, and breathing particulate matter should be avoided as you would avoid poison oak. 
  ### END #### 
  Pictures of the plant are available online at: www.calflora.net/bloomingplants/poodledogbush.html 
  Contact: Eric Oldar Release Date: 2-5-08 
      Staff Forester 
  CDF – Forest Health Program 
  2524 Mulberry Street 
  Riverside, CA 92501 
  (951) 320-6125 

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