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Jealous of your skills no doubt.


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>Back when I was in college at UOP in Stockton, CA, my friends and I used 
>to take weekend trips up from Yosemite VAlley to Merced Lake, or Little 
>Yosemite Valley and environs.  On one trip when we camped one night at 
>Merced Lake I brought out my recorder, the medieval flute type 
>instrument.  I'm pretty good, having played it since I was four years 
>old.  We were sitting around in the dark, sipping, smoking, and 
>socializing.  I pulled out my recorder and started playing my heart 
>out.  I could hear minor echos across the lake.  After a couple minutes 
>of playing, right in the middle of silence that speaks, someone across 
>the lake shouted out, "Shut up!!!" 
>Within a half second three or four other voices from camps around the 
>lake - not echos - shouted their own version of shut up.  My friends 
>thought this was hilarious, as they were too polite to tell me to knock 
>it off.  Just be sensitive...
>Jeff, just Jeff... 
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