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I thought Billy Goat's plan for last year had some interesting reasoning
behind it, based on his years of hiking the PCT.   Campo (ADZ) to Trail Pass
and then out to Lone Pine.  Move up to Old Station and start hiking north to
Canada. Then come back to Lone Pine and hike north, ending at Old Station.
It avoids the probability (but not the possibility) of sustained bad weather
in N WA and really minimizes snow and deep water crossings in the Sierra.
Of course, there are those for whom a continuous non-segmented hike is the
only way to go.  I guess if you've done it before, you're more open to
options.  To each her/his own.


Dr Bob


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What's parameter values define 'Ray Day'?  Is it the same thing as the
'Sierra Entry Indicator' over on postholer.com?



Ray Day June 15th in a normal snow year.  I like it.  If you start  at the
Kick off you'll most likely get to KM a few days early and you can rest up
and hang out Meadow Ed.


Here's a question I've been meaning to ask.  If for some reason I feel as
though I'm falling behind and don't want to be hiking into Canada in
October, and I skip up some, is there a good 200 mile section in Oregon to
hike at that time with easy logistics to come back to?






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