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Maria (Ria) riasc123 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 13 01:14:16 CST 2008

I knew that would get your attention...LOL.....Ok, I know I can't be the only 'wrinkly' one here so I'm putting this out to those of you with a few grays on your head and cracks in your face.......
  I wear a full set of dentures. Just how does one take care of dentures while doing a thru-hike or even section hiking? They require a tad more work in keeping them clean and secure in your mouth; tis a tad hard to eat granola, etc, with these falsie's. In my past younger life; when camping and day hiking...I had teef. I could go days without brushing; quick rinse of the mouth with camp water...no problem. I could eat granola and/or just about anything. When I got the dentures, we were living aboard our sailboat. Living aboard a sailboat and while cruising SoCa and the San Juans; I had access to running water, hot water, marina bathrooms, etc, and I learned what I could eat and what I couldn't, (definitely the down side to wearing them) besides tricks for taking care of them. Talk about a major adjustment, but well worth the new smile...LOL. 
  I know it's going to be way different when Chris and I get out there on the JMT in '09. So..........
  Is there any one out there who also wears falsies and can give me some helpful tips with what they've learned along the way? 
  Ria aka Maria

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