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Tortoise73 at charter.net writes: When I carried a Sierra Club cup (remember those), I used a screwdriver and hammer to punch an indentation into the cup at the one cup (8 oz) level.
Switchback replies: Very interesting - it shows great minds think alike.  I have a titanium Sierra cup too.  I am seriously thinking of hanging it on my pack just like in the old days for the 2008 campaign, including the February Grand Canyon expedition.

These were the days when men ruled the trail and women were only seen in trailtowns - to serve us our brews, hot pizzas, and to listen to our mountainmen exploits conqueroring grizzlies and saber tooth mountain lions.  This was a time of the last glaciers retreating from the Sierras and we got our water from glacier melt runoff.  I am going to stop talking about this because I am starting to cry -- you know Tortoise, the memories of a bygone era.

The reason I started to think about the Sierra cup was because I plan to go cookless this year and not carry a stove.  I am really excited about doing this.  The weight I save from fuel and stove will easily cover the Sierra cup weight.  In the old days a Sierra cup hanging from your pack meant you were a pro.  Now it will mean that you are an old timer of the trail - the days of the 65 pound backpack for a 5 day hike.
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