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Being cold is a relative and very personal thing, and Steel-Eye is one tough
son-of-a-gun by anyone’s standards (my hat’s off to ya, Steel-Eye!).  He
also came through in the driest and warmest season on record.  I’ve spoken
to others, women in particular, who found our local mountains and the
deserts at night to be very cold.  Some have even bordered on hypothermia,
particularly early-season hikers who were caught in late spring storms.  


Know yourself.  Watch the conditions.  Be prepared.





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Good morning, Moondog,


I haven’t found the PCT to be particularly cold in the hiking season.  Frost
in the morning and occasional light snowfall aren’t uncommon, but that’s
nothing for an active hiker.  All I use is: 1) a poly tee shirt, 2) a
200-weight, pull-over fleece shirt/jacket, and 3) a thin, hooded windshirt.
The jacket is an off-brand that I bought on sale for about $10. and it
weighs 10.5 oz.  The GoLite Ether windshirt weighs 3.0 oz.  Wearing both,
I’m comfortable until I warm up on the trail.  Soon, first the wind shirt
comes off, then later the fleece.  During a break the windshirt goes back
on.  Examples of that can be seen at: 

ye on the entries for 5 & 6 June, except in that on the 6th the windshirt
was a Marmot rather than the GoLite.  I couldn’t do that with a Flight


I’d love to have a Flight Jacket, and several times I’ve come close to
buying one since it weighs about the same as my fleece alone, but for me it
would be too warm and I couldn’t get the same ventilation when layering.
Besides, the Flight Jacket costs over $210. more than the cheap-o fleece.


I have three down jackets by other manufacturers, but in the more
chronically wet areas …. like where I live in the Northwest …. they are
usually too warm and they seem to get sopped around the shoulders under rain
gear.  The fleece performs much better for me under those circumstances.


I have several vests, both fleece and down, but I don’t often take them on
the trail.  My problem:  With advanced years I notice the cold on my arms
more than I used to, so I like long sleeves.





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I am having some trouble deciding about an insulating layer. Everyone raves
about the WM Flight Jacket. I have no doubts that that sucker is nice and
warm. But I am a warm sleeper and generally warm all the time. I hardly ever
use a 2nd layer while hiking, unless it is cold and raining. 


I will have two baselyer shirts with me, Marmot Precip Jacket and a TNF
Windstopper Vest. I am debating to go with the WM Flash vest, or the Flight
vest. I could imagine the Flight Jacket being simply too warm, except
perhaps in the Sierras (but there is some 2300 other miles of trails to
carry the jacket...). 


Layer up? or is it really that cold?


my bag will be the WM Summerlite. 


one last question to ponder: Is anyone slicker than Tom Brady? seriously.




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