[pct-l] Illegals et al

Alison Rose a.rose at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 17 02:02:29 CST 2008

Hi Campers,

Reading the PCT-L entries has led this reader to make the following
1.  Illegals -  Hide from them?  Why not do what most Americans do and hire
them! $5 per hour to carry your pack for you.  Heck, while we're at it,
pay 'em to set up the tent, get the water, etc.?
2.  Bear Canister - don't carry one!  Those bears are just over grown rats
anyway.  If a couple of 'em get slaughtered at the cost of my convenience, I
say who cares!
3.  Clothing - Rolling Thunder started the tradition of the "hike naked" day
on the summer equinox in 2006.  If everybody agreed to simply hike naked
every day, think about how much money we can save on clothing!
4.  Water Containers - I say that instead of leaving those empties at the
caches, each hiker take one or two and use it for a refuse container.  After
adequate use, drop it off at the next cache with a small note, perhaps, of
warning for the other hikers.  Or not, if you're feeling like springing a 
practical joke on somebody.
5.  Ice Ax and Crampons - ok, who really uses these anyway?  Why don't we
all confess that we carry them just to show off and pretend to be Grizzly
Adams.  That includes most of the women.
6.  Trekking Poles - these also can substitute for assistance when your
"illegal" isn't performing up to task.  You can tell the Ranger that your
trekking pole IS your bear canister.  If she wants to "verify", you just
tell her that you can't unscrew the top.  Poles can also be helpful for
impromptu clothing for guys during those embarrassing "cold water
crossings".  They are excellent ice-ax or crampon substitutes and, drum roll
please.... the best use of the trekking pole is to beat of the irate hiker
who learns that you're the practical joker who left the water container...

Just some thoughts.

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