[pct-l] Creating a hike plan?

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Tue Jan 29 18:01:17 CST 2008

My friend and I are planning to do our first thru hike and we're interested in finding out how you all planned ahead-  knowing what pace and how many miles a day you'll be doing in which sections? When the terrain changes and youll be climbing for most of a week or whatever the situation is- you just find that our by reading in the guidebooks ahead at home? Or find an average speed and go from there...
We have created something like this on excel your feedback and examples would be appreciated!

MileTownResupply Mail dropsMiles to next resupplyRate of WalkingDays until next resupplyRest DayEst Date of Arrival
0   Campo43.    12 miles/day4 daysApril 26th
43   Mt. Lagunabuy foodsmall grocery store66.6      12 miles/day5 daysWednesday, April 30th
109.6  Warner SpringsMail drop(hiker name) c/o General Delivery     Warner Springs, CA 9208669     14 miles/day5 days1 daySaturday, May 3rd
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