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Good afternoon, Len,

I use a Photon Freedom LED light weighing 0.263 oz.and about $15. on sale. 
It has a string with a slide tensioner to fit around my head if I want to 
use it that way.  I carry two of them, both white.  Every time I decide to 
get a red one I remember that color takes a different battery so I stick 
with the white.  One has the standard nose and the other has the "covert" 
nose, which I prefer.  I didn't hike much at night, but I did start the day 
quite early a few times.  The little Photon Freedom doesn't have enough 
power to scorch all the weeds and insects for 80 yards around, but I found 
it adequate to illuminate the trail.


0.263 oz.
LED light, Photon Freedom, with string
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> Headlamp recommendations for a long hike?
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