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Trekker4 at aol.com Trekker4 at aol.com
Mon Mar 17 08:38:59 CDT 2008

Another photo management solution, which I've  mentioned before, is a 
RoadStor, was the better part of $200 at Circuit  City, et al. Better do some 
research to check current availability and  $. 
    It's a CD burner in a that will burn from all the  common camera 
chips/cards. It has some weight, so it's a bounce bucket item. At  a town stop, I burn 
two CDs (from Sams in bulk, incl plastic case), put them in  two padded 6 x 9 
envelopes (from Sams in bulk). One gets mailed home; one gets  mailed to a 
brother in another state; so, it costs about a dollar per stop to  make sure no 
photos get lost. 
    Having no CD player at home, except in the  computer, I use the RoadStor 
to watch CDs on the TV. What CDs? I seem to have  accumulated several about a 
certain western US hiking trail; I've seen them all  twice. Counting ADZ 
showings, I've seen some three or four times.
    When I bought my 1 GB cards, they were about  $40-50, as I recall. With 
the price much lower now, the situation has changed  somewhat. However, if that 
card gets lost, ..... I still like my two CDs  for loss prevention. 
Bob  "Trekker"
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