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Good morning,

I have a different way of dealing with pesky bears:  I cut a large hole in 
the ice of a lake,  sprinkle canned peas around the edge, and move off a 
ways to hide and watch.  When the bear comes up to take a pea, I kick him in 
the ice hole.


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>I have just thought of another outstanding idea.  This is almost beyond 
>human comprehension.  A new low for Switchback.  This is great.
> I use a one pound 15 ounce bear canister (solo Bear Vault).  By the way 
> this is the only canister you need through the Sierras, but that is 
> another story.
> Anyway, here it is.  You know how bears are very curious.  How they are 
> scavengers and very cleaver.  Well, what I am going to do is put the 
> canister in a nylon bag and hang it over a tree limb when I go on my Lyle 
> Canyon expedition next week in Yosemite NP.  Just like if it was a 
> traditional bear bag.  I have reflective tape on my canister too.  Then 
> when a bear comes along and spends a lot of time getting this "bag" down, 
> will he be in for BIG SURPRISE.
> Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.  What a great free show for me.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
> Say, I might camp out at Onion Valley (Kearsarge Pass trail) on the way to 
> Yosemite.  I could do this there too.
> Switchback, the Bear Baiter
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