[pct-l] Report from the Sierras

hiker97 at aol.com hiker97 at aol.com
Fri Oct 10 21:43:46 CDT 2008

Yes, it is your pal, Switchback, reporting from the Sierras.? The drive over to Vinning was very nice, but as I approached the highway 120 turn off up to?T. Meadows, I noticed a large cloud front up ahead.? It was coming from the northwest across the Sierras.? When I arrived at the Mobile station at the 395/120 turn off it is snowing hard.? I tired to drive the 12 miles up to the Yosemite?entrance, but turned around after about 2 miles -- vehicles are streaming out of the Park.? This was a storm with blowing wind and heavy snow.

I decide to head over to Mammoth and go down to Devil's Postpile for some camping and goofing off.? As I arrive at the turn off 395 for Mammoth, I am out of the storm, but see it is threatening the Mammoth area.? I drive out to the Postpile Ranger?entry station.? He says that the storm is supposed to hit Mammoth too and I should have chains to go the 7 miles to the Postpile -- also the Reds Meadows eatery and motel are closed for the season.? I do not have chains, so I turn around to drive the 5 miles back to Mammoth.? As I arrive the snow storm starts.? It hits fast and hard.? The wind is high too.? Really scary.

I check into a nice motel with heated pool and hot tub.? Nice.? I eat at nice restaurant too.? I look out my 4th story room window at the storm and think about all the hikers with frosted eye brows out on the trail - hanging on for dear life.? I think about turning up my room heat from 68 degrees to 70 degrees in honor of and in solitarily with them.? But I decide not to, since I am a hardcore backpacker and will meet Mother Nature head on and on her own terms.??I yell?as I stand by the window looking out over a winter wonderland, "You call this a storm???Bring it on!? You don't scare me.? I am not even cold!? Is this the best you got?? We want more snow and wind."

Once again, Switchback, cheats death much to the dismay of the many and relief of the few.? I thank you.

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