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Sat Oct 25 19:39:36 CDT 2008

Hi Scott,

This summer I hiked the JMT in 14 days with one resupply at JMR.  The key is packing a bear canister for the 7 days from JMR to Whitney. :)

I met more people on the trail who were taking longer; I envied them.   I met a few people doing it in less than 14 days; they did not appear to be having as much fun.

IMO go SOBO; take 14 days or longer. This is a very special trail. On my next JMT hike, I plan to take 21 days; this is the ideal traveling time to allow for zero days, side trips, bad weather etc. 

However, HYOH and YMMV.

The Beeman
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My 18 yo son and I, along with another father and 20 year old daughter are
planning to hike the entire JMT southbound beginning late July 2009. As our
time available is limited, what is the shortest reasonable number of days to
hike the entire trail? We are planning to hike with packs weighing 25 lbs
maximum and are all in excellent, athletic condition. We are hoping to
complete the trail in 8-10 days with 1 pick-up at Muir Trail Ranch. Any
thoughts/recommendations will be greatly appreciated.
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